Our Services

Pool Maintenance Service

Properly maintaining your pool can save money on chemicals and may also help you avoid costly repairs such as replacing your filter or resurfacing your pool. Let our highly qualified pool technicians take care of the pool maintenance for you! 


Gulf Coast Pool & Spa services can help you maintain the life of you pool worry free. 


Our affordable weekly maintenance program for you pool includes:

  • Checking water chemistry

  • Adding needed chemicals

  • Cleaning the skimmer & pump baskets

  • Cleaning the main filter system

  • Brushing the entire pool

  • Bushing the tiles

  • Continued equipment monitoring

  • Blowing down the deck

  • Vacuuming



 Motor and Equipment Repairs

• Energy Efficient Pumps
• Motor Replacements
• Filter Repairs

• Sand Changes

• Light repairs and LED Lights
• Automation and automation repairs
• Salt Chlorine Generators and repairs
• Leak Detection
• Pool Heater repairs
• Plumbing Repairs
• Clogged line repair
• Chlorinator repairs
• Time clock replacement and repairs
• Virginia Graeme Baker Act Compliant Main Drain Covers
• Equipment upgrades

Automatic Pool Cleaner Sales  

Our store has has a wide varitey of pool vacuums in stock and we feature such major brands as Polaris, Maytronics and Pentair.  When considering there are four main types of pool cleaners: manual, suction side, pressure side, and robotic, we can help you discover options to help you maintain your pool. 


Manualing cleaning your pool is performed with a hand operated vacuum (This means you!).  Suction side cleaners operate off of the suction from your pump and draw the dirt into the filter.  Pressure side cleaners stir up the dirt for your filter to catch. Robotic cleaners have their own pump and filter built in reducing the demand on your filter.  They also will climb above the water line thoroughly cleaning the walls and can be used independently from the pool pump. 

GCPS is an Authorized Polaris Repair Center

If you are in need of a "tune-up" or replacement of broken parts on your pool cleaner we carry parts for repairs and can also service your cleaner in the store. 

 Spa Sales and Services

We offer full service and repair on all new and early model spas. We have access to the spa parts needed to fix your spa or hot tub. Some of the replacement parts include new pumps, heaters, and filters.


An important part of your hot tub is the cover. We can fit your spa with a custom cover.  Our experienced technicians can help you with your hot tub or spa equipment questions. We also offer new installation, replacement or upgrades of your spa equipment.